Do you need transportation?

If you looking for safe and individual transportation for your small or large animal, in an airy and comfortable way (vans) with bright and comfortable spaces, then we have what you seek for.

Transportation for pets in Greece and Europe

We safely and carefully transport your beloved pets to Greece and Europe. Our drivers are trained to meet all the needs of your beloved friends during the trip.
Our priority is that your pet reaches its destination safely, comfortably and most importantly without stress.

A few words about us…

Having long experience as volunteer activists, knowledge on the needs of companion animals, the foundation of the organization of “Land of strays volunteer action” along with the obstacles we have run upon on our efforts to deliver pets safely to their destination, have led us to make our devotion to animals a professional task!

We know well the possible stress of pets during the journey as well as that of their owners and we realize their need for the best treatment so we obtained a modern means of transport to cover these needs, a vehicle that meets all recent the European standards.

In addition, we have decided that each transportation should be carried out by people who are experts on animal behaviour, who are patient and show understanding and love thus ensuring the passengers “wagging tails”! Responsibility, care and comfort throughout the journey make transportation a unique experience for our travelling animals seeking to get to their adoptive families in the best possible way.

We have specially configured vehicles that meet all requirements.
  • We provide 33 in- built spacious cages with non-perforated barriers so as to ensure total privacy and calmness of animals.
  • We can accommodate even very big sized dogs in our larger cages.
  • Each cage has a double safety lock.
  • Our vehicle is insulated with special factory thermal material so as to ensure the right temperature in every season.
What does "specially configured vehicle" mean?
  • Air conditioning of cool/ hot air is included as well as two advanced ventilation systems, airways and in- built thermostats in the driver’s cabin for constant and full check of temperature.
  • The window in the driver’s cabin allows for visual contact with the animals ‘cabin.
  • The animals cabin includes three in- built cameras which are controlled by the drivers throughout the journey and by us through GPS.
  • We provide with a GPS system for the constant monitoring of the location, functions of the vehicle as well as the temperatures in the animals’ cabin.