When a female squirrel finds another baby squirrel, she gives him food and makes sure that he is an orphan and has no mother or father, and after 3 days of investigation and actually making sure that he is without family, she takes him gently and feeds him and makes him familiar with living with her and her young as if he was one of her children.

The female squirrel is unique in receiving her husband when he returns with food with kisses and wooing him in order to ease the fatigue of bringing food to her and her young.

The male squirrel always expresses his love for his female by giving her the most beautiful roses and the largest walnuts and almonds…

Mother Squirrel and Father Squirrel A wonderful family for the future of mankind depends on their activity . Half of the seeds you store become new bushes in the forest… ❤️🐿❤️🐿❤️