Our fleet

  • We provide 33 in- built spacious cages with non-perforated barriers so as to ensure total privacy and calmness of animals.
  • We can accommodate even very big sized dogs in our larger cages.
  • Each cage has a double safety lock.
  • Our vehicle is insulated with special factory thermal material so as to ensure the right temperature in every season.
  • Air conditioning of cool/ hot air is included as well as two advanced ventilation systems, airways and in- built thermostats in the driver’s cabin for constant and full check of temperature.
  • The window in the driver’s cabin allows for visual contact with the animals ‘cabin.
  • The animals cabin includes three in- built cameras which are controlled by the drivers throughout the journey and by us through GPS.
  • We provide with a GPS system for the constant monitoring of the location, functions of the vehicle as well as the temperatures in the animals’ cabin.