Our Services

We provide:

  • A specially designed vehicle which is cleaned and disinfected before and after each journey.
  • Special equipment and experience on the transportation of scared and with special behavior animals.
  • Throughout the journey we provide animals with fresh water, food and of course the temperature appropriate to the season to make the long journey comfortable and pleasant. -We transport pets to their new homes after communicating with the new owner/ foster.
  • If your pet is in need of medical treatment during the journey or must have special vet care food, don’t hesitate to inform us.
  • Throughout the journey we are in an on- line communication with our van drivers as the vehicle is equipped with GPS, so you will be able to have information of the journey route, the situation of your animal
    – you can watch them on videos – and of course a full plan of arrival times and meeting points for delivery of your animals.
  • For further information, requests or whatever you need, please communicate with…

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